Geocaching on the South Shore

GPS & Geocaching on PEI

Geocaching is an adventure hobby that involves using a Global Positioning System (GPS) device to locate a cache—a hidden container or a landmark. A GPS unit is a handheld device that shows your exact latitude and longitude coordinates and the direction you are traveling.

The cache may be a container that holds local products or mementos, maps or directions to another cache, just about anything. The container may be large or small, easy to find or difficult.

The South Shore of PEI is a great place to try Geocaching—many of our PEI tourism operators can show you how and loan you a GPS unit to send you on your way. Ask about GPS itineraries as well—take a walking or driving tour to locales with only the coordinates and the GPS to guide you on your way!

If you are an experienced geocacher, check this site for new cache listings and upcoming events!

A Sampling of Geocaches on the South Shore of PEI

Log in to for coordinates, instructions and complete log books.

Black Berry Bridge

Get up close to the longest continuous span bridge in the world at this cache.

From the log book:“Nice walk in, great spot.”

GPS C0-ordinates: N 46° 17.078 W 063° 41.765

Really Big Bridge

A stroll along the Confederation Trail brings you to this cache, named for the abundant blackberries nearby.

From the log book: “Nice walk in, great spot.”

GPS C0-ordinates: N 46° 15.005 W 063° 42.376

Oceanic Bovine

Lighthouse lovers will like this one. One of the best places to view the Confederation Bridge.

From the log book: “A nice place to share with those visiting PEI” “We had a picnic by the lighthouse afterwards. Great spot!”

GPS C0-ordinates: N 46° 18.964 W 063° 48.625

Walk Down Memory Lane

This appears to be one of the more difficult caches on the South Shore. Make sure you read the directions as well as the coordinates!

From the log book: “What a fantastic place and trail. We had a fairly easy time of this one, after we read the hint. Great Hide!” “Had a tough time finding this one. We almost gave up a couple of times. Cache is well hidden!”

GPS C0-ordinates: N 46° 20.462 W 063° 36.751

Osprey Number One

Bird lovers will flock to this cache. Almost every log records seeing one, two or three osprey in the nest that gives the cache its name. A second nest is not far away.

From the log book: “Great spot. Osprey nests are amazing!” “We loved seeing the Osprey’s we spied 3 birds and got a nice view of one of the parents.” “A very easy drive-by cache on a nice country road.”

GPS C0-ordinates: N46° 19.250 W 063° 41.995

GPS Historic Churches Tour

St. Mary’s Find a few of our many beautiful and historic churches with your GPS at:

Start at:

N 46º 14.301’

W 063º 32.584’

Go next to:

N 46º 17.089’

W 063º 41.881’

From there on to:

N 46º 19.338’

W 063º 35.587’


N 46º 11.529’

W 063º 24.782’

Finish at:

N 46º 10.087’

W 063º 10.095’

GPS Lighthouse Tour

Start at:

N 46º 22.297’

W 063º 48.645’

Go next to:

N 46º 18.948’

W 063º 48.605’

From there on to:

N 46º 15.007’

W 063º 42.305’


N 46º 12.849’

W 063º 29.331’

Finish at:

N 46º 11.422’

W 063º 07.780’

Links to Geocaching Web Sites

It all starts with the geocaching site that lists the caches, the logs, and answers all your questions.The activity would not be possible without Maritimes must be a good place for cachers: there are two sites dedicated to this recreation in Atlantic Canada.

» Reach the Atlantic Canada Geocaching Association